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TP Link TD -W9970 or Openwrt Router

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TP Link TD -W9970 or Openwrt Router

Hey folks, 


I'm looking for a new router as my current router keeps dropping the connection, and when I line test was done there was nothing there which leads me to believe it's the router.

I am looking for a router that has QoS but stability is more the priority as I've disconnected from online games enough already.

Any thoughts would be appreciated

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Re: TP Link TD -W9970 or Openwrt Router



Does your wifi drop but the internet connection is ok?


I'm having to retype my details into the router everyday, it just keeps resetting itself?

Really poor experience with plusnet so far.


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Re: TP Link TD -W9970 or Openwrt Router


As I understand your post, you suffer from line drops.

Is there something unusual about your line (long for example) and are you on ADSL or VDSL (AKA "fibre" ) ?

If I guess VDSL and the line test was OK I would start with suspecting the wiring in your home (after the BT master socket).

If you don't have one already, an interstitial plate and plugging the router in there would be my first recommendation.

Have a read through the reviews, there is some useful background in there.

I personally don't think a router will fix your main problem.

I've not had the TP Link product you mention although generally my experience of their stuff is positive.


I am the satisfied customer....