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TP-Link TD-W9970 as bridge

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TP-Link TD-W9970 as bridge

Good time of the day everyone,


I've encountered a small problem. A housemate got Keenetic Ultra router, which solves our WiFi issues and stability of connection, as we find PlusNet hub a bit lacking. Issue #1 was that Keenetic actually doesnt have VDSL port. So had to look for routers to connect in bridge mdoe. Decision was made to get TD-W9970 and set it in bridge mode.


If I understand correctly, routers in bridge shouldnt slow down the connection. But it did. I went from 60-80Mbps to barely 9.

It is definetly bridge issue, because connection to Keenetic is fine(did ping tests and sent couple of files to the USB on the router) When I switched back to the plusnet router, the speeds are back up. Currently Keenetic is set in WISP mode which is not ideal.

Bridge setUp: VDSL -> W9970 -> Keenetic -> PC (All connections wired)
Current setUp: VDSL - > plusnet Hub ->(wireless) Keenetic -> PC  (the only wireless connection is hub to keenetic)

Question: Is it just slow bridge router (which is strange) and I need to get a faster router for bridge or I fudged up somewhere in the setup of W9970?

Kind regards (:

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Re: TP-Link TD-W9970 as bridge


Can't help with the 9970 modem but another approach is to use your Plusnet hub but go into the wireless settings and turn off the wireless. Then set the Keenetic up as an Access Point and plug it into one of the yellow LAN ports of your Plusnet Hub. See

From the article it looks like the IP range used is the same as for you hub so it should work straight away without any further changes.

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Re: TP-Link TD-W9970 as bridge

@pazymetas I use the 9970 in bridge mode in front of my Draytek 2830. The modem in the 9970 is pretty good and so it ought to give faster sync speeds than the Hub one. Have you checked what speed the 9970 is synching at ? You'll need to connect a laptop via an ethernet cable to one of the lan ports on the 9970.

If it's not giving good synchronisation speeds then go with @Baldrick1  s suggestion. If it is, then it would appear that maybe the PPPoE implementation on the Keenetic is causing the problem...


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Re: TP-Link TD-W9970 as bridge

Have you tried following configuration to check wired speeds ?


VDSL - > TD-W9970 (bridge) -> plusnet Hub (PPPoE through red WAN port)

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Re: TP-Link TD-W9970 as bridge

I tried this but would not work.

My Hub One was not doing what I wanted so decided to replace it with an Asus RT68U with RMerlin firmware. My setup has an HSG BT Openreach Modem before the RT68U in PPPOE mode.