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TG582n firmware upgrade request

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TG582n firmware upgrade request

I've been struggling for days with Windows 10 dropping the Internet connection whether by wire or wireless. I've wasted hours with fixes that didn't work, but understand that this is resolved with a firmware update. How do I get that rolled out by PlusNet to my router please? 

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Re: TG582n firmware upgrade request

Firmware for TG582n can be found here:

See whether or not your router has the latest version.




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Re: TG582n firmware upgrade request

If the problem is the DNS spoofing issue, then there is no firmware update available that fixes it. The fix is a configuration change, that you can do yourself or get Plusnet to do it remotely.

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Re: TG582n firmware upgrade request

Ooh please can you explain the configuration change and how to do it? I am having this problem to and I'd love to try it, I am desperate Sad

Thank you!

Plusnet Help Team
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Re: TG582n firmware upgrade request

ejs's posts over here should help:

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