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Sony Xperia XA1 v's Plusnet Hub One; Wi-Fi continually dropping out; is the Hub One Wi-Fi Certified?

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Sony Xperia XA1 v's Plusnet Hub One; Wi-Fi continually dropping out; is the Hub One Wi-Fi Certified?

Hi All,

Ah, I've been having a bit of a headache with this one. Bought her indoors (who is actually quite outdoors!) a spangly new Sony XA1 handset about three months ago for the main purpose of business calls at home making use of the EE wificalling feature which this handset will support. Reason being that mobile network reception in this neck-of the woods is sketchy at best. Cutting to the chase, the XA1 handset will not maintain a stable Wi-Fi connection on either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz frequencies with our Plusnet Hub One. It frequently drops out and seems (perhaps?) to cause the router to freeze and re-set. Phone remains 'connected' to wi-fi according to the handset and the router connected devices list but there's no transfer of data, even if standing right next to the router. Only way to get it working again is to disable the wi-fi on the XA1 handset and then re-enable it, only for it to drop again in the next few seconds/minutes.  As a result, wifi-calling (main purpose of the handset) and browsing is completely useless and either will not enable calling at all or drops out mid-conversation. This, as you can imagine is intensely frustrating when it is a potential client calling to arrange an appointment or the school calling about the children spewing up with winter bug. Sometimes conversation can be heard one way, usually XA1 will upload but not download. So the user of the XA1 (usually the wife) can be heard by remote caller but she cannot hear the remote caller.

Investigation started with Sony tech support (see huge thread on Sony Support about other XA1 users with similar issues) so that's why I started there. Cue multiple emails and not a lot of support. Also cue intensity of grumbling from wife.

Everything else seems to maintain the connection to the wi-fi unless her phone is having a 'moment'. Then the whole lot will lock up. We have a good fibre-to-cabinet 40Mb down, 9Mb up connection. Started quizzing Plusnet Tech support; at least a couple of months ago. Some weeks of testing later they kindly suggested and sent a new replacement like-for-like Hub One router, so I have installed that. No different.

Re-reading one of the many original Sony 'help' emails, they mention problems with maintaining wi-fi if the router is not 'Wi-Fi Certified'. Is the Plusnet Hub One Wi-Fi Certified? I have looked on Sagemcom's website and the Wi-Fi Certified website and can't find a reference to the Sagemcom CS 50001 or Plusnet Hub One at all. Nor is there mention of the 'Wi-Fi Certified' Logo on the device itself. Have I fallen at one of the first hurdles? This has been driving me and my wife crazy for months; me because unusually I haven't been able to fix the problem and her, well need I say more?

Any help much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Sony Xperia XA1 v's Plusnet Hub One; Wi-Fi continually dropping out; is the Hub One Wi-Fi Certif

If there are huge threads on this issue specific to your device, it sounds like the device itself has a flaw and Sony is trying to pass the buck by claiming the problems are a result of you using non-compliant networking gear.


I'd try connecting it to a friend or family wireless network to see if the problem does indeed go away, if you don't have anything you can test yourself in your own home. You could also try connecting to a public wifi network and not do anything sensitive like login to any accounts or apps, unless you are able to use a VPN.