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Sonos connecting to Plusnet router

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Sonos connecting to Plusnet router

Just set up the new Plusnet router but can only connect the Sonos speakers via an ethernet cable.  As soon as you take the ethernet cable off there's no wifi connectivity.  Will the BT router with a bridge mentioned in another thread, solve this?



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Re: Sonos connecting to Plusnet router


I don't have a Sonos system but they will know the WiFi network name and password from your old router and need to be connected to your new one.

Is there some sort of configuration app ?

I was visiting someone who was demonstrating theirs once and something seemed to need a reset and to rejoin the network.

It might be easiest to make your old router (if a BT one) work with your Plusnet connection. There is a sticky about BT routers and Plusnet.



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Re: Sonos connecting to Plusnet router

Hi there,


Did you fix this issue?  If so how as Im having the same problem.  All my other devices connect apart from my sonos surround.



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Re: Sonos connecting to Plusnet router

Hi @leechinnery How did you get on following the advice Here?

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