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Software update for router

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Software update for router

This is a general question and not a problem.

Are all routers and in particular Hubs one to six automatically updated with the latest software ?

If yes can any new updates be blocked and if so is this a wise thing to do ?

I ask because a firestick that worked fine for several months suddenly came up with the message ' unable to connect' ' check your network connection'

Did a fresh reinstall of the firestick and it works fine.

Just curious.

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Re: Software update for router

Hub ones are automatically updated by Plusnet. I don’t think that you can stop this happening. There is no Plusnet 2-6 but if you are referring to BT Smarthub 6 then again these are automatically updated by BT and if like me you are using one on a Plusnet account then you definitely have no control over firmware updates, they just happen from time to time. Mind you unlike the current firmware problems that Plusnet keep introducing  the Smarthub is far more stable.

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Re: Software update for router


Hi @gleneagles, thanks for your post.


The short answer is no, you can't block them - and for good reason.


Blocking these updates could introduce vulnerabilities into your setup.


Whilst @Baldrick1 is 100% right and we have indeed had a couple off issues with firmware lately, the vast majority of them introduce important security updates and fixes (among other things) based on the latest data available.


Please let us know if you need any further assistance.


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Re: Software update for router

Actually there is a way to stop a Plusnet router’s firmware from being automatically updated if you’re prepared to take any risks which may come with it, you’d disable the automatic setup here: (You’ll need to login to your account first before clicking on that link). This should remove your router from the hardware management platform as far as I’m aware. 

It’ll also mean that your router won’t automatically pull down the right details to connect you to the internet so you’ll have to manually configure the router using your broadband username and password.

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