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Smart TV Connection Intermittent

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Smart TV Connection Intermittent

Hi. I have a Samsung Smart TV model UE32H6400 which I am trying to get to connect wirelessly via the plusnet Hub One router I have been sent. We use the Internet for much of our TV viewing, via Amazon, BBC iplayer &c.

The router has been set up as detailed in the installation booklet and works correctly with the computers in the house. It was also working with the TV. However, after a couple of hours of TV viewing, the connection failed and since then I have not been able to restore it.

I have tried re-entering the password, to no avail. I have attempted reconnection via WPS and the signal didn't seem to reach the TV. I have restarted the router; which also made no difference. The router is shown in the devices list on the TV but once I enter the password (yes, I do enter it correctly and it is the same one that worked before and I haven't changed it in the admin system) it shows a connection failure and will not connect to the router.

Although I am reasonably computer literate, I am not very experienced with routers as I've never had any major problems with them so please give advice in very simple layman's terms!

What puzzles me is the fact that the connection was working perfectly at first and nothing had been altered when it failed. The hub still works through the computers but not through the TV. I would have thought it was due to a poor signal had it not worked with no problems before.

Please help a puzzled old git to solve this problem before his wife kills him for changing from Sky (which worked all the time but was hideously expensive).


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Re: Smart TV Connection Intermittent

Use a web browser and go to  Log into your Hub One.  Navigate to this page below.

Try separating the 2.4 and 5 GHz wifi on the Hub One.  You will need to give the 5 GHz wifi a new name (eg. append '-5GHz').Adv.Setting-Wireless-5GHz.jpg


Your former Sky hub only offered 2.4 GHz wifi btw.





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Re: Smart TV Connection Intermittent

Many thanks for that. When we got up this morning, the TV decided to work again, but I have noted your suggestion so if it plays up again we can try that. 


We did have plusnet in our old home and I found it very good there, which is why we have switched over. This is the first time we've used it with a smart TV, though, and I admit to being a bit clueless about how the TV works!


Much appreciated!

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Re: Smart TV Connection Intermittent

We have a Samsung smart TV and trying to get it to connect via a HDMI ethernet cable to a Samsung soundbar was impossible despite selecting it in the extensive menu list on the tv.

I have doubts about the software on some of these sets and whilst this may be nothing to do with your problem it may well be something to keep in mind. I admit however that the wifi connection has never dropped out.

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