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Slow speeds using hub 6

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Slow speeds using hub 6

Hi, just set up my hub 6 which as replaced my hub one. But I'm getting slower speeds using the hub 6, I've tried changing channels but no change.

The speeds I was getting on wifi on hub one 5ghz were 65mbps and now I'm getting 26mbps on the hub 6 using the 5ghz. Is theres something in the router setting that I've missed out when setting my hub 6 up? Thanks
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Re: Slow speeds using hub 6


Have you split the channels?

Have you checked that the synch speed is as before?

Have you tried switching the Smarthub off using the switch on the hub whilst leaving the power upply switched on? Leave it a couple of minutes then switch back on, I once came across a hub not powering up correctly when using the mains switch.

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