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Slow speed over the wifi Full Fibre

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Slow speed over the wifi Full Fibre

Hi. If someone could have a look in to my case and help me please.
I suspected a faulty router but please judge it by yourself.
I have started my full fibre 145 on the 23th of November '22. From day one the speed over the wifi have been around 30 mb for upload and download tested on our devices. Tests have been done when there was no other devices in the network and with others connected to it later on. Also with the devices placed next to the router. The first tests have been done in the empty house, before we even moved in.
And the results have been all the time the same. Around 30mb for both, uploading and downloading. Sometimes even less. Uploading ofcourse is ok but downloading is a way less what it should be
In the mean time I had an email from the Plusnet confirming my line is synced for the maximum speed available for me.
But my devices still have been getting only 30 max over the wifi.
I did tried aventually connecting my laptop over the cable and the speed is around 140mb with wired connection. So that's the sort of speed I sold really get normally over the wifi as well.

My house is a new build. A few houses away, on the same road my colleague both the house and ordered the same package like mine from Plusnet. His showing the top speeds over the wifi in the tests on his devices and on mine when I have visited him as well.
When he visited me his devices could only get what I do, so around 30mb max.

I have reseted the router multiple times. I restored it to the factory settings. I have tried different locations, different settings for the wifi in the routers. I have also reseted the device from open reach installed in my house where the fiber cable goes in and where the router is connected in to. And unfortunately all that did not made any differences.

So please if someone can have look in to my case and help me because I think I have really done everything I can to try to pinpoint what is the problem. And to me this is the router fault.
The testings I have done using the oakla speed test, the bt speed test through the router settings and various others. Tests have been done many times at different times through the days. And it's always have been similar in the results.
Thank You very much for help.
Best regards Pat
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Re: Slow speed over the wifi Full Fibre

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Re: Slow speed over the wifi Full Fibre

Hi Pat,

Do you have any Wi-Fi extenders/repeaters on your network?

All but one of your devices is currently connected to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio.

2.4GHz operates better over range but is much slower and more prone to interference compared to 5GHz.
30mbps, whilst a tad low, isn't entirely unusual for 2.4GHz.

Assuming your devices are close enough to the hub then they should be able to conect to the 5GHz network. If you place a smartphone (the one you used at your colleagues' house) directly next to the hub and toggle the phone's Wi-Fi off/back on, and then run a speedtest, is it still the same?

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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