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Slow WiFi

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Slow WiFi

I have Plusnet (free-online) fibre to the cabinet and in my home I have a TG582N router and BT Openreach modem.  It is a traditional bungalow with all brickwork internal walls but where we do most of our wireless browsing is not far from the router location and is not far off line of sight through two open doors.

I have had this setup for four to five years now and while the wired connection speeds are fine the wifi has never been great. 40mbps for the wired ethernet is pretty usual but so is just 5mbps for the wifi. According to reviews I have read the router is pretty basic and a newer more capable piece of hardware might improve wifi performance greatly. Problem is I am not sure what sort of router to buy. I believe it has to be one suitable for fibre broadband and plainly I do not need a modem but I understand if connecting through my existing modem I will need a router capable of doings so with a WAN connection?

My other concerns are getting something that is compatible with the wireless adaptors in laptops and tablets, one of the laptops is probably seven or eight years old. Also, does Plusnet expect to see particular hardware at my end, would a different router fail to communicate with my ISP properly.

Thanks for any advice offered.




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Re: Slow WiFi

WiFi reception is a notoriously difficult issue to trouble shoot - what works for one person may not work for another. PlusNet have a support page which may offer some ideas. The second link also deals with WiFi issues.


Combined router/modem units have the advantage of being "tidier" with only one power source required. However many people use the BT OpenReach modem with no problems. As to what to but I can't really help - apart from anything else I refer to my earlier comment about trouble shooting. Plenty of articles available on the web. PlusNet are happy for you to use your own equipment and have a web page showing the settings required.



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Re: Slow WiFi

Do not worry about compatability with your older devices.

Buying a new router or combined modem/router may not fix your problem. You will never beat the reliability of a wired connection.

If you can run an Ethernet cable from your router to the room where you want to use your wireless devices you will get the best possible results. Made up lengths already fitted with connectors are readily available on line or, with some DIY skills, you can do a more professional job. Again cable and connectors are available on line. Having got the Ethernet cable into the correct room fit a Wireless Access Point. An example is a TP-Link TL-WA801ND (about £27 from Amazon).

It may be worth noting that there are limitations with some older computers wireless adapters that will limit the maximum speed that can be obtained.

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Re: Slow WiFi

You have quite old equipment I think, so it is worth asking PlusNet for a new router. I assume it would mean a new contract and the £6.99 delivery charge.

It is always a gamble and it may not make a difference. I noticed a difference when I moved to Fibre from an Old Thomson router PlusNet supplied, to the PlusNet supplied HubOne.

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Re: Slow WiFi

Thanks all for your replies.


I am pursuing Baldrick1's idea and have ordered a WAP to extend my router into the room where we use our laptops.l


You are quite right Baldrick1, you can't beat a bit of wire for comms, as evidenced daily in my office. All telephone calls that are made to me from a landline are never interrupted, calls from mobiles fail fifty percent of the time.


Thanks again