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Should i switch routers?

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Should i switch routers?

Hi. I have fibre and the hub one router. The speeds aren't fast enough in my area to benefit from faster fibre. The problem I'm having is that the wifi reach seems poor. Streaming videos over the network and using the wifi downstairs (the router is upstairs) can be laggy and not always operational. In fairness there are a lot of devices using the wifi but i feel like it's still underperforming. Would a bt hub 6 perform better? Id also be grateful not to have the hub one illuminating my room at night (ive dimmed it but its still blinding)

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Should i switch routers?

I'm not sure how the BT HH6 performs on standard ADSL (non fibre) as I've only ever had it connected to fibre and in my case, it does excel over the previous BT HH5 I used to use. The range on the HH6 is very good, but again various environmental factors might dictate on how well the range would be to various parts of your property. Also, with the BT HH6, you can switch the light off, mine is switched off all the time. I have a large number of WiFi devices connected to my HH6, TV, AV receiver, 3 Amazon Echo, ipad, iphones, kindle, ipod, laptop, desktop, and I don't suffer any drop outs at all. My only gripe at the moment is that I'm not in my opinion, getting the full fibre broadband speed my line is capable of.

Personally I now wouldn't want to use any other router than the HH6, unless of course an even better offering is released in the future.

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Re: Should i switch routers?

Is the socket you're using the master socket?

I would imagine it would be downstairs nearest the entrance to your property.

Why don't you try the router there, just as a test. Speeds may be better and you may get better WiFi performance. You may not, but it is worth a test for a while.

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Re: Should i switch routers?

Hi there.

Whilst this may not help the problem with the light being too bright for you, I'd try the steps here which might improve your wireless signal without needing to buy additional equipment.

If your wireless signal is still poor, I find that a set of powerline adapters are pretty good though the performance would be subject to the quality of your electricity wiring.

Other than that and to answer your question I've heard good things about the BT Homehub 6 so it may prove to be better for your needs.

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Re: Should i switch routers?


Can't help with a new router but if you stick with what you've got have a look on Amazon for "Light Dims"


Although not clear in the product images mine came with a 9x7.5cm rectangular patch. A one cm wide strip made my neighbour very happy (my hub one is out of sight!!!).



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Re: Should i switch routers?

@wlphl3 wrote:
Would a bt hub 6 perform better? 

Quite possibly. The Hub 6 has a 3x3/4x4 antenna configuration, compared to the 2x2/3x3 of the Plusnet Hub One. 


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Re: Should i switch routers?

You may find this informative

They work onADSL.

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Re: Should i switch routers?

Hi. No I'm not using the master socket. I don't have anywhere to plug the router in nearby without trailing wires over a hallway so it's inconvenient to use. I do have fibre broadband, I just don't have the fastest one (faster fibre).


Thanks for everyone's replies. I think I might bite the bullet and buy a hub 6.