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Hello - I have Plusnet safeguard - I blocked pornography and explicit content etc, but my curious daughter and her friends were able to access certain content.  This is disturbing as I really don't want them having access - I turned on restricted access in youtube and I also blocked on Google so why didn't it work?  Also does safeguard work across any device logged into our wifi?  Or is there a better piece of software I can have that denies access to these sites?

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Re: SafeGuard

Hi @aljac,

When using SafeGuard all variations of the domain must be blocked. The difficulty with blocking everything from a domain is that you would have to block, and any other variations of that domain. You may also want to consider that search bars on the device may change the address when it is searched. 

In some instances, websites have a different address when accessing them on a mobile device but when a specific website is blocked it will block it for all devices connected to the router.

I'm sure there are 3rd party parental control software available but I'm afraid I have no recommendations.

If SafeGuard does not appear to be functioning, for example you have blocked an address and then you are then able to access it directly, feel free to send me a PM with the address that you have blocked and the exact address that was accessed so we can provide more information.

Thank you.

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