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Sad Ending

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Sad Ending

As with other reviews, no loyalty at all. I am not willing to pay extra.

Additionally, I have been without broadband for eleven days and have reported this twice, no help at all. 

So I have given 20 days cancellation notice. I voiced my concern that I will not be given any broadband services until my notice period is up. No reply.

I would like the last month's fee waived as this has caused a lot of inconveniences and I will move on. I have signed up elsewhere.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Sad Ending

Hi Ats12,


Thanks for getting in touch.


I'm sorry to hear you're leaving and apologise for any issues that have caused you inconvenience.


I would suggest you allow us to investigate any fault as looking at your line any issue is likely to be carried over to your new provider if it is not resolved. This is as most UK providers such as Sky or Talk Talk access the BT network and will be using the same connection for any service with them. I would also advise the fault be continued to be investigated as this would be in line with our complaints process.


Please can you carry out the following troubleshooting:


Connect to the test socket:


Please can you also ensure the router is connected properly with all wires firmly attached. The test requires you to connect the ADSL micro-filter to the router before plugging in to the test socket.


With regards to the recent price increase, this is something that we have implemented after some consideration however we have tried to keep this to a minimum. We always refund downtime however you must allow us to investigate any faults as downtime is refunded when a fault it resolved. As you are looking to close the account I suggest you don't leave any bills unresolved, rather we would be happy to have that conversation with you as anything that is agreed will also be documented. Please can you call our Customer Options Team to discuss this as well as the price increase.They're on 0800 0800 013 2632 between the following hours:

Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 19:00
Sunday: 09:00 - 18:00


Thanks - LF

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Re: Sad Ending

Not sure if yoy are aware but if you have asked another providor to take over the services...but have also put a cancellation notice in then the other providor will not be able to take over the line until already cancelled.. you will have to cancel the cancellation and let the new providor take over...and 11days?? how did you inform you had no service as you would have had an engineer in a max of 48-72hours... and if you have a broken line will still have a broken line when you move 😐