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Router upgrade?

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Router upgrade?


I am upgrading from ADSL to Fibre extra and have a query about the router.  The current router I use is a TP Link Archer D2.  I know this won't work directly with fibre but is it worth buying a new modem/router or just getting a VDSL modem and use my current router as an access point.

The TP Link has a speed of 300Bps on 2.5 Ghz and 450 Bps on 5 Ghz

I was considering getting the TP Link VR600 modem/router as a replacement.  This has 300 Bps and 1300 Bps respectively.  Would I see any gain with a new router as opposed to a new modem only?





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Re: Router upgrade?

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Re: Router upgrade?

@Bartor  Welcome to the forum.

I would start by trying the Plusnet freebie Hub One. If that doesn't work as well as your Archer then you can configure this as an Access Point as you say and connect it to a Hub One LAN port. Switch off the Hub One wireless if you don't want two wireless networks. There is no need for you to buy a separate modem.