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Router upgrade

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Router upgrade

I have a Plusnet Hub One Router. It’s located right by the BT socket in the hallway. I use a Netgear extender to receive a reasonable signal in my conservatory & garden. I’m considering replacing the router with a better one with the sole intention of removing the need for an extender.


I’ve already done some research but would appreciate some recommendations from other Plusnet users who’ve decided to ditch their router. Speed isn’t an issue it’s range. Distance to the bottom of the garden is about 100 feet

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Re: Router upgrade

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Re: Router upgrade

I find that range depends on whether there is line of sight from router to target, thick walls such as ours in between mean you've no chance! I've had about 20% better wifi with a second-hand £15 BT HH6 replacing the PN Hub One. However, if your Netgear is not broke do you really need to fix it?