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Router upgrade from a Hub One

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Router upgrade from a Hub One


I have the Hub one router and have been having issues with our WiFi for a couple of months. The WiFi seems to grind to a painful halt at around 8.30pm and doesn't really work properly again until 6am. Does it every night, without fail. Plusnet technical support have seemingly done all they can to try and fix this including sending engineers to the exchange, out to the house, splitting the 2.5/5ghz signals, rebooting remotely etc etc. It got to the point last week where I convinced tech support to arrange for a replacement to be sent out. Still having the same problems though 🙄 I'd like to upgrade the router anyway as it doesn't have much in the way of parental controls, guest WiFi etc but most of the routers I seem to be looking at don't have the phone line connections on them and just have ethernet wan ports. Can I use the hub one like a modem to send the Internet connection to a new router by connecting it through one of the ports on the back? If I did this, would I lose any functionality on the new router or the hub one, which does seem to have some benefit when talking to tech support. Or would it be better to get a separate modem?

Thanks 😊
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Re: Router upgrade from a Hub One

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Re: Router upgrade from a Hub One

@Edandtammy  Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately you have fallen into Plusnet’s trap. What they insist on calling a router is NOT a router, it is a combined modem and router.

There are many third party versions if you search for an ADSL/VDSL combined Modem/Router.

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Re: Router upgrade from a Hub One

I solved the problem by using an old Talktalk router which is much better than the Hub One. It seems that Plusnet customers have to scour eBay for old routers to get the service working. I am just waiting for my contract to expire then go back to Talktalk and get their new latest one free.

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Re: Router upgrade from a Hub One

Thanks a lot for getting in touch @HJ1

We usually leave these posts to our Community Members who can recommend third party devices, though to me, it sounds like there's some sort of interference affecting your WIFI connection, this the disconnections appearing at roughly the same time every day.

Can you think of any devices that are being switched on at that time? We've had instances where WIFI connection can be interrupted by something as innocuous of fluorescent lights.

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