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Router on the way out?

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Router on the way out?

Hi, I've recently been having a few troubles which lead me to believe that my router may be on the way out. Recently I've been having trouble with the wi-fi. You're able to connect fine if you're in the same room as the router, but as soon as you leave the room you lose connectivity after moving any more than 4 or 5 metres away. I made sure that the wireless was enabled in the router settings (as I could connect when stood near the router) and I tried turning all other electronics off in the house to see if something was causing some interference, but still had the same problem. I've also tried connecting wirelessly with multiple different devices and have the same problem each time.


As another measure I tried restarting the router, but upon restarting the router seemed to struggle to recognise any sort of network or internet access for some time despite the DSL light on the Openreach box being green the entire time. These problems seem to indicate to me that the router is on its last legs as it seems like there's been no downtime on my connection and there doesn't seem to be any other explanation for the sudden limit in wi-fi range. Is there anything else I might be missing or do you guys think the router simply needs replacing?

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Re: Router on the way out?

It could be interference from other signals. It is worth using an app such aa WiFi Analyser on say a mobile phone to scan the spectrum. If there are any other users on the same channel then go into the router advanced settings and manually select a less used channel. Failing that change the Router.

If you need a new router first try to get one from Plusnet for the cost of the P&P. Ask for a Hub One and get rid of the ECI modem. Don't otherwise buy a router from Plusnet. If you don't want to spend much get a Plusnet Hub One or a BT HH5 from Ebay. For better WiFi  performance for very little extra get a BT Smart Hub 6. All can be set up to work. Full instructions will be found in the Router forum.

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Router on the way out?

Welcome to the community forums @JohnLHolland

It's possible your router is developing a fault. I'd agree with Baldrick1.

It's worth changing the wireless channels before looking to buy a new router. If you are wanting a new one from us we'd be happy to provide one free of charge (excl. postage fee of £6.99) on a new contract.


Let me know if you want to go ahead and I can arrange a call back.

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