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Router keeps going to login

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Router keeps going to login

Hi my router keeps going to login page I have tried disconnecting re entering password and it works for a while then does the same thing again. Every device I had connected goes to router login page
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Re: Router keeps going to login


It sounds like you have a faulty hub. Either wait for a Plusnet staffer to pick up this post or ring in.

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Re: Router keeps going to login

@Michael97 - the problem is being caused by the fact that your hub has been removed from the back-end management platform. I'm not sure why this is, however I have fixed the issue at this side.

I understand another hub is on it's way to you, however if you factory reset the Hub One by inserting soemthign into the pinhole at the rear of the device until the status light flashes green then that should do the trick. When it comes back up, you needn't manually configure anything; it should do this automatically after a few minutes without any intervention.

I recognise you've tried factory resetting prior to this, but that won't have helped as it was prior to the 'fix'.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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