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Router is overheating

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Router is overheating

I have the Technicolor TG582n with the open reach modem,  recently the router has become very hot to the touch and it will disconnect all of my devices to be honest its rather starting to annoy me.

this is the second router since being a customer over 2 years now and to be honest im not happy.

Plusnet wont offer support for routers which they dont provide however when there is a problem with there routers they just send you out another onebut charge you for the pleasure.

Ive heard about the new router which does the job of both these routers at home saving me sockets, wires and allowing me to use all the 4 ethernet leads available.

Ive just renewed my contract when i took out the TV what are my options and will they allow me to upgrade to this router or will they want me to pay an additional fee.



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Re: Router is overheating

Please see this recent post on similar subject:



The 'all in one' Plusnet Hub One is a rebadged BT Home Hub 5 (Type A).

I believe as you have subscribed to Plusnet TV, you may be restricted to using only BT HH5 (Type A or B) or Plusnet routers too.  TV may not necessarily work with alternative third party routers.

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