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Router flickering all colours?

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Router flickering all colours?

My router seems to cut out at times and when it does the light bar starts flicking through all the different colours. Not the steady flashing its supposed to do but frantic flickers.
Anyone know why?
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Re: Router flickering all colours?

Welcome to the forum.

My money would be on a faulty router. If it's less than 12 months old then ask Plusnet for a replacement under guaranty.

If it's over 12 months old then your choices are to ask Plusnet for a free one in exchange for a new contract or buy your own. You can get a new BTSmarthub 6 on Ebay for about £30, it has far better wifi performance then a Plusnet hub. Setting it up is easy and you will find the instructions in this Router forum.

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Re: Router flickering all colours?

Sorry to hear you're having connection problems.

If you can PM me your username I'll be happy to look into this for you.

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