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Router failed following Lightning

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Router failed following Lightning

We lost our internet connection/router/access point over the weekend due to bad weather.  BT were out today and replaced the faceplate that was also wiped out.    The Plus Net router is completely dead on the WAN port and does not detect an internet connection, i am currently using an old BT hub to get connected,   whats the situation in regards to a replacement Plus net router?



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Re: Router failed following Lightning

If you've had it less than a year, they may replace it under warranty.
Out of contract they'll send you another one if you re-contract, otherwise nothing.

Personally I'd buy a BT smarthub from ebay for about £30 Smiley
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Re: Router failed following Lightning

Hi @Mike_Scott,


As @dvorak has advised if your router is under 12 months old we can replace this under warranty but unfortunately the router on your account is currently well out of warranty. 


We can organise a call back to re-contract if you'd like, or you're free to supply your own equipment. 

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