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Router automatically removed wifi security (wpa password)

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Registered: ‎19-04-2016

Router automatically removed wifi security (wpa password)

I was concerned to find my Plusnet router had lost it's wireless security settings (WPA) today. My broadband had gone down early one morning last week so I had to reboot the router. I'm assuming this config loss was a result of the router reboot. I don't use the standard SSID and I also leave the 2.4Ghz channel off, both of those settings had remained. The only thing that had gone was the WPA password on the 5Ghz SSID. I've obviously re-applied the password but this kind of event does worry me. I spoke to support but they were fairly dismissive of it. Anyone else seen this? I'm hoping it's a one off incident. 


The router firmware is the latest "Plusnet Hub One | Software version | Last updated Unknown"

The router is in a comms cab so the 'wifi' button hasn't been pushed to reset the security settings.