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Router Restarts Itself

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Router Restarts Itself



I was having some problems with the Hub One, kept getting disconnected with some thing, don't know what but was getting annoyed so I purchased the BT Home Hub 5 because I never had a problem with the Hub 4 on ADSL. 

The Homehub has just reset itself, 

01:36:30, 31 Jul. (114326.040000) PPP LCP Send Termination Request [User request]
01:36:29, 31 Jul. (114324.650000) CWMP: session completed successfully
01:36:29, 31 Jul. (114324.650000) The system is going DOWN for reboot.
01:36:27, 31 Jul. (114322.990000) CWMP: HTTP authentication success from
01:36:25, 31 Jul. (114320.940000) CWMP: Server URL:; Connecting as user: ACS username
01:36:25, 31 Jul. (114320.940000) CWMP: Session start now. Event code(s): '6 CONNECTION REQUEST,4 VALUE CHANGE'
01:36:25, 31 Jul. (114320.690000) CWMP: Initializing transaction for event code 6 CONNECTION REQUEST


This is what I could find. 


Does anyone know of a fix and if not, can someone show me some routers that I'll be able to use on a Fibre Line.

I was looking at the TP-Link TD-W9970 because it was cheap but Argos said it's for cable connections, I have no idea what I'm looking for.

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Re: Router Restarts Itself

How many times has it reset itself? That looks very much like it has applied a firmware upgrade or DLM has made some changes to your line profile.

Have you tried changing the login credentials and connecting again?

In answer to your second question there's a good selection here.

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Re: Router Restarts Itself

Check the version of firmware on the Home Hub 5.  I believe BT are in process of rolling out version  to the Home Hub 5 type 'A' (Note there is also a type 'B')

I also observed there has been numerous posts on BT community forum that the new firmware causes the hub to repeatedly reboot.  I noted one user quoted 5 times a day, another quoted every 20 minutes.


The TP-link TD-W9970 sold by Argos is FTTC fibre compatible.  Their description quoting the router is for 'Cable Connection' is misleading.  Note the TD-W9970 does not feature 5 GHz wireless or gigabit ethernet ports which the Home Hub 5/Plusnet Hub One offers.

fwiw, TD-W9970 emulator is here

If you use 'Quick Setup', choose 'VDSL_Plusnet', and enter your full Plusnet username (eg. and corresponding password.



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Re: Router Restarts Itself

Have swapped back to the PlusNet router as the BT Home Hub was disconnecting a lot more. Hopefully I'll last to the end of the month so I can buy a new router. Got a nice wee budget of £50
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Re: Router Restarts Itself

Hi @sharon468,


Looking at your connection, it doesn't seem to have been dropping excessively:


Are you experiencing more drops than this graph is showing?

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