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Router Replacement

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Router Replacement

Hi there, I think the router we have at our scout hq has seen better days and needs replacing. The question is what WiFi router do I replace it with? We need one with a good WiFi range to reach the back of the building and preferably very easy to set up. Do I need to find out if we have a fibre account or not before I start to look at different routers?

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Re: Router Replacement

Yes, you will have to know if you are currently connected to fibre services if you plan to purchase a 3rd party modem router.  If you google the make and model number of your current modem router, that may also answer your question.

If a wifi router can't provide acceptable coverage/speed due to the large size and type of construction of the premises, you may have to consider installing ethernet cable, to provide a wireless access point at the rear of the property.  You may be able to use powerline technology instead of running cables. You could also use wireless repeater/extenders.






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Re: Router Replacement

FTTC uses VDSL technology as opposed to the older ADSL.


Most (if not all) VDSL routers can work with ADSL but ADSL routers don't work with VDSL unless you have a separate (old school) OpenReach modem.


If the Scouts are still on ADSL it might be worth upgrading to FTTC (If it's available) both for the better speed and you'd get a new router as part of the package. Check what's available by putting the telephone number in


Does the WiFi on the current router work OK for the premises. If so, posting the make and model would help identify a replacement.