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Router Logs Out Every Day

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Router Logs Out Every Day



At least once a day, sometimes many times a day, the internet disconnects. I have to go into hub manager and log back in with my own details every day after it changes to the default account info and disconnects from the internet. 


Seen this issue come up a lot in other threads but with no fixes that have worked. We've called twice - once didn't solve anything and the second time we were disconnected. 

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Re: Router Logs Out Every Day

@bencarrlive  Welcome to the forums.

Is this with a PlusNet Hub One router?

If it is have you tried the factory reset option, in case its some corruption.

Do you have another router you can try?

Have you gone through the troubleshooting guide for broadband issues on the website. 

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Re: Router Logs Out Every Day

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Re: Router Logs Out Every Day

The problem is almost certainly because your router isn't correctly registered on the hardware management platform.
If you drop me a private message containing your account username and router serial number, then I'll sort it out tomorrow.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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