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Router HF noise on 5GHz data transfer

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Router HF noise on 5GHz data transfer

My router is making a noise whenever it’s transferring 5GHz WiFi data. WiFi is contested around here, and I don’t want to turn of 5GHz. Other posts seem to suggest it’s a known issue - is this a problem with all Plusnet routers or isolated to only a few? If it’s not all of them can I get a replacement?
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Re: Router HF noise on 5GHz data transfer

Hi @TonyChurnside,

Please accept my apologies for the issue with your router.

This issue has been raised with our hardware vendor and they advised that the noise is within acceptable limits. I'm afraid sending a new router is unlikely to resolve the issue but we are still investigating the matter with our vendor.

Although I appreciate this noise may be irritating, it will not have any adverse affects on the functionality / performance of 5GHz.

Thank you.

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Re: Router HF noise on 5GHz data transfer


Your best bet is to accept that the Plusnet router only cost you £6.99 then disconnect it and keep it as a spare.

Having accepted some of these routers are not fit for purpose and Plusnet, for some reason, do not have the clout with 'their supplier' to get them to correct this problem, go  on to an auction site such as Ebay and buy a BT Smarthub 6 for  around £20. These are far better than Plusnet's offerings and aren't noisy.. Setting up instructions are here

Just make sure that you get a FTTC version. These have four yellow LAN sockets. Avoid the FTTP version that has a red WAN sticker fixed to one of the LAN sockets.

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