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Return of old routers

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Return of old routers

I am currently logged in and your screen reports - correctly - that my service is closed, that my account is closed. I have recieved an email requesting that I return my router to you and that you will send me a bag to accomplish this. Great!

My query now is that I have three (3) routers and boxes + wires, etc. I would be glad to return all to you. Can you send a bag which will contain my three returnable routers.

I hope so.

Thank you for your service over many years. It is unfortunate that BT has not invested in infrastructure near here so that a local wireless ISP now has my account.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Return of old routers


Hello @muymalestado,


In all honestly you can keep the routers as spares as there really is no need for you to return them as they are your property after taking a contract out with us at that time.


Please disregard that email and thank you for being a fab customer, we really have appreciated your loyalty. 



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 Sammy M - Sheffield Team
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Return of old routers


You should find that you local council will take them for recycling. In our area we simply leave waste electrical items by the side of the recycling bin on collection days and it is collected. It also avoids the need for more probably plastic returns bags ending up in landfill.

Alternatively of course you could try to flog them on Ebay but to be honest Plusnet hubs fetch so little it is hardly worth the hassle.

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