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Replacing Your Plusnet Fibre Router

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Replacing Your Plusnet Fibre Router

Evening all,


Has anyone replaced their standard sagemcom router and if so what would you recommend to use instead?


It's come to the point where my original sagemcom router keeps resetting everyday and Plusnet are so useless in dealing with the issue, that I want a suitable replacement for their crappy router so I don't need to enter my details every time I want to use the internet.


I've seen many VDSL routers, but is this compatible with VDSL2 lines and do you need a modem as well? etc...

It's a bit of a minefield compared to the ADSL days when you just replace the router to whichever you want.



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Re: Replacing Your Plusnet Fibre Router


If you want a bargain then get a BT Smarthub 6 from the likes of EBay. Setting instructions are here.

This is a single box that works on both VDSL and ADSL. Performance is better than either Plusnet Hub.

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Re: Replacing Your Plusnet Fibre Router


Unfortunately it's a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question.

For VDSL an integrated VDSL modem/router is a good idea and lots of people will have a recommendation.

Although I've not got one, the consensus seems to be that a second hand BT Smarthub 6 give the best value "fix" for this problem.

A quick look suggests £20 ish for a new one. Worth a go and if you don't like it you can always sell it again !


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Re: Replacing Your Plusnet Fibre Router

Can't offer any better advice than Baldrick's, above. I followed his instructions and my BT HH6 bought for £10 on Gumtree has around 20% better wifi coverage than the PN Hub One. In fairness the performance (around 36MB on FTTC) otherwise seems similar and neither displays any problems such as dropouts etc; the HH6 will update itself even though you are on the PN network.