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Replacement router / modem to improve WiFi

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Replacement router / modem to improve WiFi

We have a Plusnet Hub One Modem / Router placed centrally in a fairly sprawling cotswold stone house.

The middle part of the house gets fairly good WiFi signal, but the extremities where the signal passes through several feet of damp cotswold stone struggle for signal strength & bandwidth.


One option would be to replace the Hub One with a different VDSL Modem Router, any suggestions as to which one might give better WiFi performance (Particularly signal strength)?


Another option would be to go for a WiFi Mesh such as Google WiFi or Netgear Orbi, but either way we'll need a new modem as I believe the Hub One won't act as a bridge.

Any suggestions as to which modem / mesh will give us best WiFi performance?



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Re: Replacement router / modem to improve WiFi

You might see a slight improvement with a better router, however thick stone walls are not that freindly to the radio waves that wifi routers use, it may be better to look at two options:

 a wifi booster/amplifier, something about 5 watt will do,  these can be found on ebay and are questionable as to weather they are legal in the UK or not ( and even then it may not solve all your issues and the receiving device will  have to transmit to the router as well )


Homeplugs with wifi  - I've used this set up in stone buildings, you have a homeplug connected to your router, and another with wifi in each room/area you want wifi in.

 I would recommend the homeplug option

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Re: Replacement router / modem to improve WiFi