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Replacement for ? failing Plusnet Technicolor router

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Replacement for ? failing Plusnet Technicolor router

There appears to be an issue of some sort with the Plusnet supplied Technicolor TG582n. I called Plusnet (long wait) and they got me connected again. All seemed fine while I was on the phone (wifi as well). The ethernet connected desktop is OK but the 4 wireless devices (1 android phone, 1 Android tablet, a Sony TV and a Brother printer) are not. The Plusnet guy said the router might be getting faulty as its 4 or so years old (it has been constantly cycling, rebooting itself). I was take through how to correct that. It was suggested when the current renewed contract expires I ask for a new router. But I'm only a few months into a (re)new(ed) contract so they won't supply a new router without a charge (in case I leave at contract end - not planning too). I didn't ask what the charge was.

But I have seen on Amazon a TP-LINK TD W8960N 300Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router for BT connections. Would this be a good replacement? Reviews looks fine. Only problem is I don't know much about using non-isp routers (so I guess would not have their support in this respect). But its a very reasonable price (£18.82 + del). Any comments appreciated please.

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Re: Replacement for ? failing Plusnet Technicolor router

No doubt a TP-LINK TD W8960N will work with Plusnet but the reason that it is cheap is because it is basic and the design is long in the tooth. If Plusnet's offer is a Hub 0 then don't bother with that.

If you can afford it spend a bit more on a more modern device that has both 2.4 and 5GHz channels and for future proofing work as a combined modem/router on both ADSL and Fibre VDSL.

If you look on Ebay you will find better second hand ones, about £40-50 will buy you the latest BT Hub 6. Some review sites report these as being unreliable, I don't know if this is due to firmware problems in the past which has been corrected (BT update the firmware remotely even if you are not a BT customer). I have found mine to be stable with excellent wireless coverage. You will find full instructions on how to set these and many others up for a Plusnet connection on this forum.

Finally I would not worry about losing Plusnet support for your router, you will find plenty of help available on this forum.