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Replacement Open Reach Modems?

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Replacement Open Reach Modems?

Been with Plusnet for a long time, 6-7 years or more.  When I joined they gave me an Open Reach Modem, I use my own router. 


Do Plusnet sell replacement OpenReach Modems or do I have to get them from other places?


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Re: Replacement Open Reach Modems?

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Re: Replacement Open Reach Modems?


@warpspider AFAIK, even BT don't supply the modems these days - everyone is supplied with a combined modem/router, so you will have to source your own.

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Re: Replacement Open Reach Modems?

No. Every broadband supplier furnishes the customer with a combined modem/router of questionable quality. I much prefer a separate modem and router so I can choose my own mesh system.

If you're prepared to pay some money for an excellent solution you can purchase a Draytek Vigor 130 modem, which is a replacement for the Openreach modem and works out of the box and then a modern mesh router like Eero, Orbi, Nest, Amplifi and so on. This will give you a quality setup and I can vouch that if works for Plusnet, EE and so on. You put your Plusnet log on credentials into the router.

The Draytek Vigor 130 is Openreach approved so will cause no issues with your broadband.

The alternative is to buy an old Openreach modem from eBay - but they are rather long in the tooth now.