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Replacement Hub1 still stops & generally goes slow

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Registered: ‎19-10-2016

Replacement Hub1 still stops & generally goes slow

Was sent a new Hub1 router to replace one that "just stops" but I’ve had one outage since installed (25/10/2016)  when there was “No Internet” & checking the router the “Internet” LED was out, but the DSL & LAN1 LEDs on the BT router were alight.

Powering off the new router solved the problem, but surely it shouldn’t still be happening.

Additionally, although BT Wholesale web tests show a good download speed  (34.7M down, 1.79 Up, PL 18.88mS)

the reality is that broadband is very slow, refresh speeds on even a simple HTML page can be quite painful, and watching videos via iPlayer can only be conducted in SD mode, whereas I would have expected that I should be able to use HD now I’m on fibre, shouldn’t I?  I keep getting the dreaded buffering icon (as show in SKY ads all the time)

Again any suggestions on whether I have an issue or is it something to do with BT’s service or something else?

I'm running a simple Ping Test on the PC , hitting the Router Gateway and an Internet address, can't get a response from the WAN Address listed on the router, is that ICMP blocked?  Also is there any SNMP capability in your router or the BT one?