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Red power light on router

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Red power light on router

Earlier today I was using the internet as normal when my internet got randomly disconnected. I assumed it was just one of the normal errors my pc runs into (home-built so a bunch of stuff is really janky) and I just ran the troubleshooter. This gave me the error of router having problems so I went downstairs to check on it. The power light was red, so I restarted it and reset it a couple of times but nothing changed. Can anyone help me cos I'd rather not not have an internet connection for the next few days waiting for someone to come out to help.
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Re: Red power light on router

This is in WRONG thread; should be in the "My Router" one as it's not an ADSL issue.

Use troubleshooting links below.

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Re: Red power light on router

Sorry to hear that.

Based on what you've said the router may be faulty.

Can you PM me your username so we can look into this?

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Re: Red power light on router

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): This thread is now in the appropriate board.

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Re: Red power light on router

Hi there. Did you manage to sort this out?

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