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Red internet light

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Registered: ‎12-12-2016

Red internet light

can someone tell me how to get the red light off  the router for the internet 

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Re: Red internet light

1. if you are connected.... don`t worry about it..

2. try a power off, and re-boot....  unplug the router from the mains.. wait for at least 1 minute... then plug in. and see if it clears when connected.


3. if that fails.... contact PlusNet on the "live chat" line.. ( from another computer/phone/tablet whatever). ( assuming it is a plusnet router )...

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Re: Red internet light

Testing your line isn't showing any obvious issues. I've placed an order that should complete overnight to double check that your line is provisioned correctly but I would definitely advise reporting a fault to us at

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Re: Red internet light

I have found that the reset button at the back of the router works fine to reset this. My internet keeps working but maybe without router security so needs to be corrected.