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Re: belkin router

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Re: belkin router

Does anyone know if a belkin router f5d8636-4 V2 can be used alongside a plusnet routor? I just got the belkin router from relatives and was wondering if i could use it. If it is allowed, any setup ideas?
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Re: belkin router

Specs for belkin router f5d8636-4 v2
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Re: belkin router

PlusNet use a re-badged BT HH 5a for their fibre services. However, they have always been happy for customers to use their own equipment.


If the Belkin router can handle VDSL you should be OK to use it. Settings required can be found on the PlusNet support pages.



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Re: belkin router

If you have ADSL broadband (ie. not fibre) from Plusnet, then you can use the Belkin ADSL modem router.

Here is the manual

Perhaps start reading from page 29.

Plusnet ADSL broadband settings:




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Re: belkin router

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Re: belkin router

Hi there and welcome to the community forums.


As others have indicated, the router should work but it does depend whether you've got ADSL or Fibre broadband.

From a quick Google search, it seems that the Belkin router you've got is just ADSL compatible.

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