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Re: Hub One buzzing/hissing noise.

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Re: Hub One buzzing/hissing noise.

Hi @EmilyD,


I too have this exact same problem.  I joined Plusnet around 2 months ago but have only recently fully moved into our house so haven't noticed it until now.  At first I thought the noise was something else but now I'm living in the house, I can hear the buzzing all the time.  After doing some research on the forums, I noticed this is a common problem and maybe due to a faulty batch?  I have disabled the 5GHz network and the buzzing has stopped but I can not leave this off as I rely to much on the 5G network in my house.  As this issue seems to have been going on for months and months, is there not a fix for this yet?  Is there a chance I could get a replacement and hope that mine is one of the faulty ones?  Thanks

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Re: Hub One buzzing/hissing noise.

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Re: Hub One buzzing/hissing noise.

Hi there.

I'm sorry to hear you've having this issue with your Hub One.

I've ordered you a replacement now. When you receive it, instead of using the returns label to send the router back to us, could you post it back to us here in the office? Instructions can be found Here.

Let us know how it goes when you try the new one out.

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