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Question for BT Hub 6 Owners

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Question for BT Hub 6 Owners

I'm thinking of buying a BT Home hub 6 (smart hub), but the reviews on the BT forums and Amazon, etc, of the hub 6 are terrible ! Main problems seem to be wireless dropping out and hub resetting issues. 


If anyone has one of these and could provide some unbiased feedback on whether they are reliable or not I'd be grateful. Are there 'type A' and 'type B' versions ? I know the hub 5 used to come in an 'A' and 'B' version with the type 'B' being far more reliable - at least is it for me !

I currently have a BT home hub 5 (B) which is working perfectly, but I want to improve the wifi without using a wifi extender. Judging by the Hub 6's that are near to me (neighbors etc) the wifi signal seems to be very strong and impressive.

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Re: Question for BT Hub 6 Owners

I use the BT Smart Hub 6 Type A for FTTC on Laptop and TV wireless 

Type A is for FTTC and ADSL and has  four  Yellow Gigabit ports at the rear

there is apparently another Type for  FTTP which has with four Yellow Gigabit ports  with a red sticker on 1  at the rear, but I have not seen one of these on the web for sale.

BT Smart Hub6 seems to sell for around £43 Brand New off ebay

The Hub does reset itself about every two weeks, I think this is normal, however other than that no problems. I have not noticed any wireless drop outs.

for set up see my post 41 here

as you have BT Hub 5 you probably wont need my instructions below on how to set it up.

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Re: Question for BT Hub 6 Owners

I can verify that there is a Home Hub 6 type b because BT just sent me one. It has been running now for 2 hours without dropping internet connection which is an improvement on the type a

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Re: Question for BT Hub 6 Owners

I bought a Smart Hub 6A off Ebay a few weeks ago. It updated its firmware when I first connected it and then again 2 days later. Since then it has been rock solid.