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Question about Deco M5 mesh in Access Point mode

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Registered: ‎05-05-2020

Question about Deco M5 mesh in Access Point mode

Like many others I want to deal with WiFi dead/weak spots that the Plusnet Hub One can't handle on its own, and I am leaning towards the Deco M5 mesh system.  I know I'll need to use it in Access Point mode and just switch off the WiFi on my Hub One, which is fine.

However I've read that in some mesh systems, using Access Point mode can lead to wireless devices failing to talk to devices that are wired to the original router.  So in my case I have ethernet going out of my Hub One into a Powerline plug, which my desktop PC picks up via a second powerline and ethernet cable.  My TV would be on the Deco's WiFi, but needs to be able to see my PC which is serving up video using Plex.  Will that work?