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Question 187101416

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Question 187101416

Hi there 
To add to your woes and an open question as others appear to be having the same issue or similar-
When loading a new web page - one not called up before I get a DNS issue which I presume is the router as Win10 points to No Internet as attached snippy although judging from other posts it could be Plusnet's DNS hosts.
If it is the router - can i ask if there is any chance of getting it swapped if it is Plusnet DNS - could you get it fixed - simply not acceptable.  I run 2 PCs through a switch to Powerline to Router and needlessly bought anew switch until I rrealised tonight that viewing any existing open tab in browser of pre loaded pages they work normally including banking gaining access so it is not a line or switch problem.
Cheers for any help or light you can throw on this one.

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Community Gaffer
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Re: Question 187101416

Hi Neil.

Sorry to hear you're having connection issues and thanks for the detail.

I've read what you've said and I'd like to ask if you've tried connecting a computer directly into the router using an ethernet cable as opposed as through a switch or powerline adapter? This would help narrow down where the issue may lie.

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