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Problems with the sagemcom 2704.router

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Problems with the sagemcom 2704.router

Hello all,

i have been a plusnet customer for almost 2 years on the 80/20 mb connection.

Back in Feb 16, my original router theTechnicolor TG582n, which served me faithfully had to be replaced as it had broken dtown.

Since then I'm on my second sagencom router.

While I dont have any problems with a wired connection, the majority of my devices are connected wirelessly and this router has constant problems.

The most pressing is the ping and unbelievable slow speeds.

I have tested the different channels to see which is the best and have found one thats preferable but I've come to accept speeds averaging about 20-30 mb on a good day.

The issue is that often the router will constantly adjust its ping from 20 ms upto 500 ms. Now this is problematic especially when gaoming. Not only does it get laggy to the extreme, my speeds drop to the under 5 meg.

As i said, the brand new router had problems immediately when the old router was replaced and plusnet issued me a second sagemcom router after i spoke to them but not much has changed. Plusnet has advised me that they are not willing to replace this router and i would have to purchase my own. They only guarantee speeds for the wired which I'm not having issues with and any wireless issues, well I'm on my own.

Before i do ourchase, i would appreciate it if someone could suggest what i might do to rectify this or alternatively recommend another router which i should purchase.

I cant say that i have been happy as its very inconvenient to have wires all over the house and plusnet's help has been limited to replacing the router which hasnt solved anything.

Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

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Re: Problems with the sagemcom 2704.router

There are a few of us on here (me included) who have had performance issues with the 2704n, in my case a reboot seems to clear it.


Other people (generally with port forwarding issues) have had some success by turning of IPv6 on the LAN side on the expert user page.

Login details are the same as you use to log onto other pages.


To be honest I'm leaning towards buying a new router, but not sure what to get yet.

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Re: Problems with the sagemcom 2704.router

Thanks for the response Mike.

I decided to purchase a new router, grabbed myself a Asus RT-N66U.

Found out i was under a new contract til July 2017, thought my contract was ending July 2016, when I agreed a new price plan. I couldn't rely on the sagecom anymore, didn't want to spend more time fiddling with it.

So far, the asus has exceeded my expectations as i have noticed a massive difference in both signal strength and connection speeds.

Its a shame that i had to purchase my own router to resolve this. Would have been happy to take the original Technicolor but it was no longer being offered.

Anyway, thanks for the help.

Later all.