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Problem with connecting printer to WiFi since change of router

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Problem with connecting printer to WiFi since change of router

Hello Community, last week I changed from broadband to fibre broadband and installed a new router: the Plusnet one. I have an HP Deskjet 3050A all-in-one printer- J611n, which has worked perfectly well with my old broadband Plusnet router. Yesterday, when I tried to print something from my iPhone 11, it could not find the printer and said it was not connected to WiFi. The blue WiFi light, on the printer, was flashing and indicated it was not connected. I tried following instructions for reconnecting on the HP help section but nothing worked. I tried pressing the WPS button on the router but this did not work. HP instructions say their printers won’t work on 5GHz, only 2GHz. I tried altering the router band settings on advanced settings but couldn’t see how to turn off the 5GHz setting. I am now very confused as to what to do. I removed the HP printer connection from my Windows 10 laptop, with a view to reinstalling the printer, but I have lost the USB cable. I am not sure if reinstalling will help if printer WiFi won’t work on 5GHz. Also, my Internet connection has been having problems: the router light keeps flashing orange before going back to steady blue, this happens a few times a day. Please I would be very grateful for advice to solve these issues. Many thanks.
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Re: Problem with connecting printer to WiFi since change of router

@LB4  Welcome to the forum.

These are two unconnected issues.


1. If you look at your printer or manual there should be a means of doing a factory reset. There are also utube videos showing you how if you do an online search. Try this and reconnect the printer again from scratch, it might be holding on to the old IP address and it needs releasing.

2. If that doesn't work it might be worth trying a renew of the IP addresses at the computer end. To do this:

1. Type cmd [return] into the search box at the bottom left hand side of the windows home page.

2. Click Command Prompt

3. Type ipconfig /release [return]

4. Type ipconfig /renew [return] 

Line Dropping

Things to try:

1. Remove the front of your BT Master socket (you may need to remove two screws). In behind you will find the Test socket.

2. Plug a wired phone in the test socket then ring 17070 followed by option 2. If there's any noise on the line you should report a phone fault. This needs fixing before going any further.

3. Plug your filter in the test socket and connect it to your hub. See if that fixes the drop problem.

4. If it doesn't then leave it connected in this way and report a fault at


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