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Problem with TG582n router

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Registered: ‎28-10-2019

Problem with TG582n router

Hi all, I'm been having some difficulty with my TG582n router dropping signal and constantly coming on and off.

Generally each cycle starts with the green power light briefly flashing off and back on again. Internet and broadband lights flash before going solid. Within 30 seconds to a few minutes of the router stabilising out and allowing a wifi connection it cuts out back to the flashing power light and goes through it all again.
showing the power light and goes through the boot up again. Occasionally the power light goes to a solid orange light before starting up again.

Even when it is 'working' the wifi signal is poor, dropping connection intermittently whilst sat in my living room (same room as router) and dropping connection to my mobile phone completely as soon as I go into a different room in the house. My other devices (laptop, skyplus box etc) also drop off and back onto the wifi connection and the connection is so slow that there is no functional internet on those devices.

I have tried factory reset 2 or 3 times now and still having the same issues. Been a plusnet customer since late 2014/early 2015 and only ever had this router, so not sure if it's just coming to end of its life or if simply a firmware issue that's causing the problem.

Would welcome any suggestions either to try and fix this router or of alternative routers to try in its place. Thanks
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Problem with TG582n router


Hi @robmacdonald89


What you're describing is unfortunately a hardware issue - if resetting the router via the pinhole on the back of the router doesn't help, you may need a replacement. You can of course replace the router independently - alternatively, my colleagues in the Customer Options Team will be happy to provide one as part of a contract renewal (which may also save you money on your current bill) on 0800 328 4624


Best wishes