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Problem using eero in the UK on Plusnet

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Registered: ‎31-08-2020

Problem using eero in the UK on Plusnet

Hi all,

I have purchased an eero state side (not my first I have 2 setups tuning in New York) to use in my home here in the UK

I am having a problem setting it up. It keeps hanging up on the registration part. It gets all the way to registering your eero than it gives me this message "Setup Issue we ran into an issue while setting up your network. Make sure your eero and modem are connected properly" I called the customer support team and they went thru the usual rest and restart equipment then tried to register my eero manually via serial number but they could not see it online.

My ADSL provider is and my top speed is 1.9 (the best we can get her 😪😪)

Has anyone ran into this problem?