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Poor Wireless Speeds, Service Unable To Stream.

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Poor Wireless Speeds, Service Unable To Stream.

I have noticed from the beginning of this year my internet speed has decreased massively. Speeds when downloading and streaming using the computer the router is plugged into, is the same and seems to run at a decent speed.

My issue is using streaming devices which use the wireless signal. I am unable to stream anything on my tv, as it continues to state my signal is too weak, as does my roku streaming device. The actual router is in the same room as these devices so I am unsure why this. I also have issues viewing Facebook and social media on my phone, occasionally giving up and using the 4G connection.

I am using unlimited fibre broadband.

I checked the signal on the speedsmart app on my phone which showed

Download - 0.80mbps, upload- 2.09, ping 27.

I recently upgraded the router to PlusNet Hub One and I am still getting the same results.


Please help..










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Re: Poor Wireless Speeds, Service Unable To Stream.

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Re: Poor Wireless Speeds, Service Unable To Stream.

For comparison purposes, what speeds do you see with your computer wired directly to the Hub One when you point a web browser to  or other speed testers?


If you have not already done so, can I suggest you split the 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless, and rename the 5 GHz wireless network name.

Then force your wireless devices to connect to either 2.4 or 5 GHz wifi, and see if there is any improvement.


What type of property do you live in ?  You may be suffering from wifi interference caused by a neighbour, and may need to look at changing the wifi channel numbers being used by the hub later.

Has the hub been placed next to any electrical appliance which may be generating interference?



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Re: Poor Wireless Speeds, Service Unable To Stream.

Moving to a PN Hub One router can't be classed as an upgrade; known to be poor performer wirelessly.
Split frequencies as suggested already, and use a programme to check wifi frequencies/channels already
in use in your locale; then select channels manually to the least used. I use the free prog inSSIDer.
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Re: Poor Wireless Speeds, Service Unable To Stream.

Hi B-man, 


In relation to what's already been recommended I'd also take a look at the steps shown here:


Do keep us posted. 


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Re: Poor Wireless Speeds, Service Unable To Stream.

I've given the suggestions a week before replying. I have moved the router into the centre of the house and split channels. I am still getting more results. The odd thing when using the speedsmart app on my phone it shows my signal is poorer at night, than throughout the day.


Last night my download speed was showing 0.14 mbps which has made it virtually impossible to stream anything. I done a speed check on computer and it shows download speed as it should be. I just cannot seem to use wireless at certain times. Is this a router issue, provider issue, should I consider buying an extender which seems weird because the streaming devices are more or less in the same room. 

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Re: Poor Wireless Speeds, Service Unable To Stream.

Sorry to hear you're still having issues.

Our tests aren't showing any problems, do you experience speed/streaming issues via a wired connection?

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