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Poor WiFi

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Poor WiFi


My router is next to my main bt socket downstairs. I have fibre, speed on ookla about 45-50 .The WiFi is intermittent and poor upstairs in bedrooms etc. Over the years I have split 2.4 and 5 changed channels etc. I tried very recently a netgear WiFi booster , all lights green etc in upstairs landing socket., all seeemd fine,but nearly immediately  all TVs alexia’s and devices struggled to connect!! I get shouted at by family...again!! Turned netgear off re booted all connected fine. Then tried Tp link 600 in same socket upstairs, again all green lights etc but again TVs Alexa  and iPhones etc didn’t connect well !!!Crazy I thought. Unplugged it rebooted and all TVs alexas and iPhones  etc connected. Please could someone advise me what I’m doing wrong? Really frustrating! Fed up getting shouted at, just want to improve WiFi upstairs.  Many many thanks

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Re: Poor WiFi

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Re: Poor WiFi

@Juliandavis72 wrote:

Please could someone advise me what I’m doing wrong?

I would say, using a Plusnet Hub One.

If you spend about £20 on an auction site such as Ebay you can pick uo a BT Smarthub 6. Using one of these instead of the Hub One solves many WiFi problems. Setting instructions are here:

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Re: Poor WiFi

The netgear extender (I have an EX2700) connects to your existing wifi (use the wps button) and sets up a network using 《YOUR ssid=""》-ext as its SSID or identifier.
It should not effect the existing wifi -- unless there are no free channels.
Get hold of a free wifi monitor for your phone and see what channels are in use.
Chances are that the netgear signal is stronger than the PlusNet Hub in their rooms and blocking their signal.
Personaly if they shouted at me there would be no wifi or internet 🙂
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Re: Poor WiFi

@Bogbody wrote:
It should not effect the existing wifi -- unless there are no free channels.

The "extenders" that connect to the original router over wireless are necessarily using the same channel, meaning that this channel becomes more heavily used.  Some mesh systems use a third radio for the meshing function, separate from those used to connect wireless devices, however a basic original ISP's home router will not have that capability.  Possibly if both the router and the extender are dual band, you could make some sort of compromise by using say 2.4 to connect the two (obviously on the same channel) and 5GHz for client devices using different channels.  Or vice versa of course.

Of course it goes without saying that a wired connection to a second wireless access point is the best solution to extend wireless coverage.  However if that's not possible then my second choice would be power line adaptors, you can get these with the wireless AP function built into the remote unit.  This is what I use to link to the garage with a TP-Link PA4010 connected to the router and a WPA4220 in the garage.