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Poor Wi-Fi Speed - changes to router settings?

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Poor Wi-Fi Speed - changes to router settings?

I've just upgraded from PNet broadband to PNet Fibre Broadband.

Carrying out a BT Wholesale speed test with laptop cable-connected to Plusnet Hub One router and ALL wireless devices in the home disconnected I get 37Mbps download speed (line is rated at 39.06 Mbps). Running the same speed test with the laptop connected wirelessly to the router - sitting a couple of feet away, I get 12Mbps download speed.

Another wireless test from a different laptop gives the same result. I've pinged the router at which gives min/max/avg of 1ms - not sure what this means but I thought I would ping as I've seen that as a suggestion.

I'm hope I can make a change to the router settings rather than buy a new one - any suggestions to be able to reach my cable'd speeds?


Edit: Wireless connection is on the 2.4GHz band

Edit: inSSIDer - channel 1, link score 100, 802.11n, signal -28 dBm - there are a couple of other nearby home networks also on channel 1, signal -93 but they come and go.

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Re: Poor Wi-Fi Speed - changes to router settings?

My 2.4Ghz wireless can vary wildly from 8-38M d/s depending on the time of day. It's certainly worse evenings & weekends. The 2.4 Ghz band is really crowded where I am so I've just put it down to that. On the devices I have that will work with the 5 Ghz signal I generally get my full 80/20 throughput but on the flip side there aren't many devices on that band where I am yet & I generally get CH44 to myself.


You can move the channels the router uses in the Hub One Wireless ettings if you can see a channel that's less crowded than the one it's currently using but I find generally that the Smart Wireless handles which channels to use pretty well on it's own.