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Plusnet with Vigor 130 & Unifi USG

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Plusnet with Vigor 130 & Unifi USG

Hi all, I've seen a few user posts on here about similar setups to mine and need some setup assistance, please!

I have Plusnet VDSL2 dynamic IP, I've setup the Vigor 130 (UK version and updated firmware) and have it in PPPoe mode.

I can connect directly to the vigor and get internet access by testing with a laptop in Pppoe mode (Plusnet connection details entered on the laptop) . So that all appears to be fine.

This is where the problem starts!
I have a Unifi USG setup as router into a Unifi switch. I can access the USG directly from its IP address. It is set to PPPoe mode and has my Plusnet details. I have then gotten the green 'connected to the internet' banner after entering the Plusnet credentials into the router. Success I thought... Nope

I cannot get any internet access from anything at network level. Ping out via console also fails to everything outside the local level. (I can log into USG router and other equipment via ip) None of the Unifi setup works as it can't get the internet. I have even updated the Unifi USG firmware manually via WinSCP/putty incase that was causing issues but that didn't work.

Its been a long time since I setup networks and I'm missing something basic here!

I feel it is something to do with settings in USG. If using PPPoe with plusnet should the DCHP server be on or off within the router? Currently it's on, as I understand this issues IPs out at local network level from the router? But does that conflict with ISP issued info coming in over the PPPoe? Or does that just assign info as far as the router?

I have also seen about the DNS lease.. and have wondered if the connection just needs to be up for a day for the lease to be renewed.

If I can actually get a proper connection up I think I'll be away with it.. . I've gone through hours of YouTube n posts and need a bit of clarity to my fried brain!
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Re: Plusnet with Vigor 130 & Unifi USG

If you are using PPPoE on the USG then the Draytek 130 should be in bridge mode.

That tends to conflict with you say a laptop in PPPoE mode works, but are you sure that lappie isnt connecting directly using ethernet ?

The DHCP server should be on on the USG, it allocates local IP addresses only. The IP address assigned by PlusNet is just to the router. NAT will translate from the public IP to private network IP's

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Re: Plusnet with Vigor 130 & Unifi USG

I have a Vigor 130 but don't have a USG,  I run pfSense on a homebuilt router using an embedded PC.

I have had the Vigor 130 in default configuration working successfully from a directly connected Linux laptop via PPPoE.

In the typical use case of a single WAN IP address, connecting the default Vigor 130 to pfSense configured for PPPoE is all that is needed.

I currently have an IPv4 /30 WAN subnet (i.e. 4 routeable WAN addresses), in this case pfSense uses the same PPPoE config,  but the Vigor 130 needs to be reconfigured to be in bridge mode.

I'm sure bridge mode would work in the usual single WAN IP scenario too,  it's worth a try with the USG.


DrayTek instructions for UK Vigor 130 Bridge Mode configuration


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Re: Plusnet with Vigor 130 & Unifi USG

I decided to start fresh.. (for the 4/5th time) I ditch trying to use the PPPoe option (pass through) on the modem and go for this method instead using the Mpoa bridge mode:

I had tried it in that setup previously with no success, but reading around thought it worth another crack. Easy to miss a reboot or not wait long enough...

The cloudkey still would NOT let me load the controller on it.. just a blank screen. I could do setup, but not start the controller. As this was no use to me.. (I thought it was another symptom of a failed connection) I decided to remove it from my kit for now. Reading forum posts about it, this seems to be an issue with the cloudkey!

Loaded PC version of the controller on my main PC.. and woosh.. I get internet on that PC hosting the controller! All worked flawlessly after that.

I will look into migration of the controller back to cloudkey (gen1 V2) once it's settled.