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Plusnet router. Any help on a replacement

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Plusnet router. Any help on a replacement

Hope someone can help. I have Plusnet Fibre broadband (leeds). They connected an open reach modem (?) to the wall, and then a Plusnet branded sagem wifi router to that. It's [-Censored-] and buggy.

I'd love to replace both boxes, but just getting rid of the Plusnet router would be great. Can anyone give me pointers on what features the replacement needs, or even example models/manufacturers ? Thank you!

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Re: Plusnet router. Any help on a replacement

@fluis  Welcome to the forum.

If your contract has been very recently renewed or is coming up for renewal then if you ring the Customer Options Team on 0800 013 2632 and ask, they will give you the latest Plusnet Hub 2 for the P&P charge. This is a far better combined modem and router.

Otherwise it depends on your budget and the features that you require.

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Re: Plusnet router. Any help on a replacement

With a third party router you also get a lot more freedom with additional features and also the ability to reuse with another ISP if you decide to switch.


To replace both, you want a router that has a built-in VDSL modem and supports PPPoE authentication.

I've always found TP-Link routers to be very reliable. The link below shows their models filtered for those that support VDSL.


You could also keep the Openreach modem and use it with pretty much any third party router.


If you want to extend signal around your whole home you could look at something like the TP-Link Deco system. The main node would connect to the Openreach modem and additional nodes connect either by ethernet or wirelessly to give a continuous wifi signal around the house.


There is one Deco model that also has a modem built in so you could still get rid of the Openreach modem if you want to reduce the number of boxes. It is just a little expensive and stock always seems to be low. I've only ever seen them on Currys