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Plusnet router. Any help on a replacement

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Plusnet router. Any help on a replacement

Hope someone can help. I have Plusnet Fibre broadband (leeds). They connected an open reach modem (?) to the wall, and then a Plusnet branded sagem wifi router to that. It's [-Censored-] and buggy.

I'd love to replace both boxes, but just getting rid of the Plusnet router would be great. Can anyone give me pointers on what features the replacement needs, or even example models/manufacturers ? Thank you!

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Re: Plusnet router. Any help on a replacement

@mikipetri74  Welcome to the forum.

It sounds like you have had this two box solution for years. When you renew your contract Plusnet will give you a combined modem router, their Hub One if you ask for the P&P charge, which might work a bit better for you. A much better solution is to go onto an auction site such as Ebay and pay about £20 for a BT Smarthub 6. Setting instructions are here.

After this it's a question of budget v additional features that you require. What you need is a combined ADSL/VDSL modem/router. Every one has their opinion on which to go for, all that you can do is read reviews and if you see one you like then refer back here for opinions should you wish.

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Re: Plusnet router. Any help on a replacement

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Re: Plusnet router. Any help on a replacement

Hi    i agree with Baldric good advice BT Smarthub 6   i have just bought one from Ebay £13  box router manuals all cables and ORIGINAL charger  its looks brand new, anyway i set it up took max 8-9 mins easy mo resetting or anything just dont connect the adsl when inserting the new plusnet user name and password.


This works very well 70% better coverage seems faster on both 2.4 and 5G.   no drops outs. worth every penny.


i did think of Asus TP link routers but decided this would do , it fast enough for me on unlimited fibre.  the Old Plusnet Hub One is pretty flack imo. 


I see others have posted elaborate setting up. as i said i merely changed the name and password then plugged in the adsl line ans a short while later connected ( by ethernet cable) then sett up wifi as per normal which is simple. 



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Re: Plusnet router. Any help on a replacement

I'm looking to do the same thing as I have a 7 year old OpenReah modem which i'm sure will fail eventually.  Various modem/routers have been suggested including TP link for about £34.  Also appears can connect the new BT SmartHub 2, which is a which best buy?  Until then I have an Asus RT-AC68U and Deco M5 Mesh system set-up to overcome some of the blck spots within my house.