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Plusnet One Hub Client Isolation?

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Registered: ‎15-10-2018

Plusnet One Hub Client Isolation?

Hi all.  I'm having an issue getting my home IP camera working on my new Plusnet One Hub since moving to fibre.  It worked fine on my old Plusnet ADSL router.  The IP camera is only for viewing in the house so I don't need external access through the firewall.  If I plug the camera into a LAN port on the router it works fine.  Things I know and have tried below:

1. I have tried a static IP and DHCP on the camera and I can see that it is getting an IP address

2. I can see that the IP camera is getting a DHCP IP address so I'm pretty sure that it is connecting to my WiFi

3. I have tried the IP camera port on port 80 and 65000

4. My router firmware is

5. I think my issue is some kind of client isolation so devices on the WiFi can't see each other but I can't seem to find any setting refering to this on the router.


I'd appreciate any ideas.